Cell phone shell detection carcinogens, which kind of shell can avoid harm?

Cell phone case causes cancer. Once the news is exposed, it has aroused many heated discussions.
The main culprit is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which have long been internationally recognized as a strong carcinogen. When it enters the human body, it is easy to dissolve in kidney, liver, spleen and other organs. After a long time, the residual polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the human body gradually accumulate, which will eventually lead to more serious diseases, such as the “cancer” you are most afraid of.
Cell phone shell detection carcinogens, which kind of shell can avoid harm
How to choose the case?
*Choose color carefully
For the mobile phone case, please don’t choose the mobile phone case with too bright color. The mobile phone case with particularly bright color is likely to contain a large number of heavy metals. It will enter the human body through the skin when it is often contacted, which will damage the kidney and liver to a certain extent. Those transparent plastic mobile phone cases that are prone to yellowing and discoloration are relatively safe.
*Smell recognition case
When you buy a mobile phone case, please smell it first. If it smells pungent or even choking, do not buy it. The gas emitted by the mobile phone case is likely to be aldehydes and benzenes, which has a very serious damaging effect on the body.
*Discern texture
The mobile phone shell can be felt by hand / touch, and the soft or hard and discolored “mobile phone shell” can be felt carefully. Plastic is relatively problematic, and benzene organic solvents are likely to remain in the production process of such products.
*Material safety is reliable
For the case material, it is recommended that you choose pure leather or silica gel case. In addition, please choose the case of pure leather or silica gel made by regular manufacturers when purchasing, and do not choose plastic products, because plastic products may contain toxic and harmful plasticizers.

Mobile phone shell, a kind of thing that most people are using, is beautiful and can play a very good protective role. It can be used, but it must be used reasonably. In addition, it must be selected scientifically. Safety is the healthy “choice”.

Post time: Dec-26-2019

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