Function of PVC Credit Card Holder

The PVC credit card holder can avoid the inconvenience, embarrassment, danger caused by the magnetic disappearance and information leakage of bank cards, second-generation resident ID cards, information cards, social security cards, etc.  
There are the main functions of PVC credit card holder.
 The PVC credit card holder can prevent strong static electricity interference.It can prevent damage by strong electromagnet.It can prevent others from maliciously reading and stealing your personal information.
 The PVC credit card holder can prevent the credit card from being punctured by a sharp object.In addition,it can extend the effective service life of credit cards.There are precautions for use.
Insert all kinds of cards that need to be protected into the sleeve to protect the cards and protect them.
Prevent contact with acid and alkaline liquids.The PVC credit card holder can continue to be used after being wetted by water. Piercing with a sharp weapon.

Post time: Jul-30-2020

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