Plastic Credit Card PVC Holder

In life, we will carry all kinds of cards, such as credit cards, ID cards, etc.At the same time, the security of the card is very important.
PVC holder can shield the appearance of various magnetic cards and IC cards from scratches and distortions due to strong electromagnetic fields, strong static electricity and high-temperature radiation effectively.
At the same time, it can shield the electromagnetic signal of the non-contact IC card to prevent people with bad intentions from using various card readers to steal your card.
PVC holder is suitable for shielding protection of various cards and preventing electromagnetic interference.It is suitable for preventing various non-contact IC card chip circuits from being destroyed, preventing the leakage of information on the non-contact IC card, and information being stolen.
 It is suitable for preventing various IC card chips and IC card circuits from being destroyed and avoiding the loss of information on the IC card.It is suitable for preventing the magnetic stripe of the magnetic card from being damaged by electromagnetic waves and causing information loss.
In addition to credit cards, the card holder can also hold ID cards, membership cards, shopping cards, business cards, etc. At the same time, it prevents the credit card and other magnetic layers from being damaged and falling off.
What’s more,it can protect your credit card from magnetization. It is easy to find and easy to take out, it is your best choice for storing all kinds of cards.

Post time: Aug-03-2020

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