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Which protection method is good
1. All-inclusive opening type: the more common protective cover, which is strong in protection, simple in appearance, easy to use, but poor in heat dissipation
2, hinge-type protective sleeve: is the most commonly used type. The hinged protective sleeve not only provides comprehensive protection, can be directly carried, has a sleep wake function, and also provides a stand function, but it is relatively cumbersome and slightly cumbersome.
3. Back-shell type: The back-shell type protective cover is ultra-thin and ultra-light, which meets the iPad’s pursuit of lightness and thinness.
Which function of the protective cover is good
1. Anti-radiation function: The anti-radiation protective cover adopts anti-radiation material, which can reduce the radiation damage to the human body when used, but the price is not practical;
2. Hibernation function: The hibernation type is a hinged protective cover, and the iPad tablet will automatically enter the hibernation state when it is closed; the iPad tablet will automatically activate when the cover is opened. Practical power saving, can extend the standby time of the tablet, mainly used on iPad tablets, the price is relatively expensive.
3, other functions: may not have special functions, but there are functions such as protection and adjustable bracket, the price is relatively cheaper.
What material is the protective cover?
1. Leather material: The leather flat protective cover has a chic and elegant appearance, good feel, not easy to wear the body, good heat dissipation, and good cushioning effect. It belongs to the high-end partial business series and has a higher price.
2. Silicone material: Silicone flat protective cover is cheap, easy to disassemble, good cushioning performance, not very good feel, thick texture, few styles, easy to greasy, slightly worse material is easy to stain and enter gray.
3, PU material: good oil resistance, good wear resistance, used in some prominent design, very individual protective cover, is a must-have product, the price is relatively high.

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Post time: Nov-27-2019

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